Member's Guide To Use Your Re/Max Agent's Website

These are the buttons that control it all:


No matter where you are, it will take you back to the first or home page.

Hot Properties

If this is your first visit, there won?t be any hot properties. You will need to read on... A hot property is one you want to save for quick retrieval. You can make any property a ?hot property? and view it immediately by clicking the Hot Properties button. The Hot Properties are updated continuously.
When a hot property changes status or price, you will receive an email or a cell phone alert (if you entered a mobile phone email address on your profile - see my preferences).
To add a hot property, run a search or click a property link in your email, and then click the hot property button on any search report or listings sheet.

Email Agent

Throughout the system, you will see email agent or request information buttons. Click them to easily communicate with your agent.

Property Search

Click the property search button to search for properties by street, MLS # property type, price or town plus other criteria. To save an unlimited number of searches with different criteria or to finely tune your searches using up to 23 different criteria, click the Advanced Search button. You can also have any Advanced Search automatically emailed to you.
Click the underlined label at the top of any column to sort your results. Click again to reverse the sort.
To evaluate real estate like a professional, mark (check off) the properties that interest you, click the save changes button, and then click the Analyze My Marked Properties button. Presto! You now have a report that summarizes the numeric data of these properties.
To change all analyzed properties to hot properties, click the Add To My Hot Properties button.

My Preferences

Edit your contact info, change your own password, and enter your mobile phone email address to receive instant notification about hot properties.
Edit your personal daily email settings. Deselect these searches if you are receiving advanced search emails.
Add, view, edit or delete your advanced searches.
Modify your list of search towns.

Do not hesitate to call or email us with questions!