Membership Benefits
 You can view thousands of properties...
Our clients have complete access to the public information provided by our Multiple Listing Service which is updated multiple times each day. You will then be able to:
  • Search, view and analyze all homes matching your saved search criteria
  • Receive Daily E-mail Alerts for all properties matching your search criteria
  • Save 100?s of properties to your Hot Properties Portfolio for easy access and retrieval
  • Receive E-mail Alerts whenever a Hot Property?s status or price changes
  • Edit your contact, E-mail, and town settings at any time
  • E-mail me for more information or to arrange a private showing
 Instant Access to Free Information...
We have years of experience and accumulated knowledge on how to save you thousands of dollars when buying or selling real estate. This knowledge has been distilled into a number of very useful reports that have saved our clients thousands.
 It?s a fair trade...
If you use our service, we trust and expect you will give us the opportunity to work with you in buying your next property. When you are ready to start looking, please E-mail or call us. We will fully explain how we will help you avoid problems and save money on your next purchase.