What our clients have said about us
Rodrigo is a real gem in a world in which it is difficult to find someone truly dependable and trustworthy. He takes the time to know his clients well such that he can find the best properties to match their wishes. It became a joke among us - he knew my bathroom specifications and my husband's living room specifications (to fit a big TV, of course), and would warn us ahead of time of these issues. He will not deceive his clients in order to get a quick purchase. Immediately after viewing a property, he will communicate what he thinks could be potential problems (short of a real inspection). He is patient and will not push his clients to buy in any time frame other than their own. My husband and I took almost two years to find our condo, and Rodrigo saw us through the whole process with consistent dependability, accessibility, and quality service. At no time did I feel him tire of us. He chauffeured us to and from our destinations, scheduled back to back visits to match our busy work schedules, and even drove our parents around to the sites when they were visiting from out of town.

From a personal standpoint, Rodrigo is good-natured and incredibly easy to get along with. For several months, he was hindered with a knee problem but still drove us around and followed us up and down stairs to view properties, with not a single complaint along the way. He has since become a very good friend of ours and even attended our wedding. I feel fortunate that my husband and I have found not only a dependable realtor, but a real friend as well.
- Judith W.

I have known Rodrigo for the last ten years and my wife and I have purchased two properties with him as our agent. I believe Rodrigo?s greatest asset is his patience. He understands that buying a home is a significant purchase in a family?s life and it is critical that the timing be right. Rodrigo took the time to understand our needs as home buyers and made a commitment to us to be there for the long haul. We never felt pressured by him to make a decision or to move on a property until we were ready. I would recommend Rodrigo Serrano as an agent if I was looking to purchase a home, but more importantly I would recommend Rodrigo if someone was looking for an agent for the next 30 years!!
- Paul N.

We couldn't have asked for a better realtor to guide us through the process of buying our first home. Rodrigo's knowledge of the area and home-buying process, patience in addressing our many questions, and overall passion for real estate are second to none. We couldn't be happier with our home and will work with Rodrigo again, without hesitation, in the future. I hope it works out for you and Noel to move to Arlington soon - keep us posted!
- Emily

My wife and I could not have had a more pleasurable experience with Rodrigo as our realtor. He completely dispelled the rumors we heard about the wearing home buying experience. With his incredible knowledge of the market, easy accessibility and overall great personality and attitude, he helped my wife and I find the home of our dreams. He helped me think outside the box, and explore all my options which eventually led to me buying a home I would never of even thought to look at. I went into this process knowing nothing, Rodrigo helped me learn the knowledge of the market and process that I needed to know to be successful. Being very detailed oriented, he helped saved me thousands at the bargaining table with finding small flaws in my home that few realtors would see. Rodrigo was always immediately attentive with us for phone calls, e- mails and viewings to fit our schedule. I highly recommend to all my family and friends to choose Rodrigo as their realtor. With him you will find the home of your dreams, while enjoying the process, and having many laughs a long the way. Thank you Rodrigo!
First time home buyer.

- Michael O.

Rodrigo was extremely diligent and dedicated to our house-hunting endeavors. He gave frank and honest advice to us as we sought after our first home. His experience in real estate and in dealing with brokers and owners was invaluable to us and we were able to buy the perfect home because of the work he put in to our search. Rodrigo was with us from the initial search to the final closing and at all times in between. We have recommended him to everyone we know who is looking to purchase a home!
- Alison B.

Rodrigo was, hands down, the best realtor we've ever worked with." Because we live out of state, it was more complicated than usual for him...he had to set up multiple visits to condos on dates that we were going to be in Boston and managed to show us numerous properties each time we visited. We really liked his straight forward, no pressure approach and will definitely contact him next time we're in the market for a realtor in the Boston area
- Judy and Marc C.

I was a first-time home buyer with Rodrigo in April of 2008. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted, nor was I sure exactly where I wanted it. As an agent I couldn't have asked for more. He was patient and helped out wherever he could. The process took us about 2 months, and we might have looked at over 30 condos. Whenever we visited one Rodrigo asked all the right questions, most of which I wouldn't have thought of. We settled on a condo in Quincy and he helped walk us through the purchase seamlessly. At some point I am going to trade up to a new place and when I am ready to start looking I know I will be calling Rodrigo again..
- Seth B.

Rodrigo is simply awesome! We were first-time buyers, and he quickly earned our complete trust. He's knowledgeable, endlessly patient, totally honest, and -- amazing for this business -- not the least bit pushy. Not at all. Even when there were bumps in a long purchase process, he was always calm, professional, and always looking out for us. He's a great agent and advisor. I recommend him without reservation!
- Chad and Lori P.

We are extremely thankful to have had Rodrigo as our Realtor! He made our first time home buying experience the best experience it could have been. From the start, he was professional, patient, driven, focused and dedicated to finding us a home which met our needs. We have kept in touch with Rodrigo for further consultation on home renovations and potential real estate purchases. We look forward to working with him again in the future.
- Scott and Cassandra S.

I worked with Rodrigo as a first time buyer back in 2008. Although the area that we were looking at was not in Rodrigo?s familiar territory he did all the research on the town without hesitation. He was very easy to work with; I appreciated his laid back approach and no pressure sales style. We probably looked at upwards of 25 homes and finally found a gem in our price range. I remember walking into a few homes that on paper looked good, but then we would walk in and Rodrigo would notice expensive issues that would not be fun to tackle and he would walk us right out of the house. I believe we walked into a haunted house at one point?we didn?t stay long in that house, but Rodrigo handled those experiences with professionalism and humor. I would highly recommend Rodrigo to any first time buyer and or experienced buyer on their home search. If and when we decide to move out of our current house I will definitely work with Rodrigo again in the future.
- Lauren R.

Rodrigo helped us buy a condo in Arlington last summer. We were in a time crunch with a new baby, but he helped us work through the process in a methodical way so we knew we were making a good decision - just a fast one! He was flexible with his time, patient in answering all of our questions, and very knowledgeable about both the area and the general process. We never felt pressured, and always felt like he was really looking out for us. He made the experience of first time home buying as painless as possible. Highly recommended!
- Meridale & Travis B.